Our developments are high-quality,

high-yielding, and in high-demand. 

We strategically executed in some of the most lucrative and progressing cities throughout California.

Our team is comprised of members with decades of experience in innovative design, finance, and full turnkey developments.

TA Partners, LLC is a development company that was formed in 2000 through a partnership of a local development company and an international investment manager.


Since then, TA Partners has quickly surged to be a top player in Southern California's real estate market. With our modern architectural taste and desire to upgrade with technology, TA Partners is always creating new urban improvements to each city it develops in.


TA Partners is comprised of experienced leaders with proven international expertise in real estate investment and development. We are here to help our investors navigate and participate in the real estate market in California. 

Johnny Lu

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Liu

Chief Financial Officer

Director of Construction

Raymond Thimens
Joe Garrett

Director of Real Estate

The Team

Each invaluable member of the team possesses a wide diversity of skills and assets that help make TA Partners a fully encompassed leading company. They have been carefully selected based on merit, integrity, passion, and effectiveness which all of these traits can be observed through how we develop and deliver our projects. 

Stephanie Yeh

Accounting Manager

William Yang

Development Associate

Jason Velazquez

Development Associate

Jeff Carlson

Development Associate

Juliana Cheung

Executive Assistant

Kelvin Anlevo

Executive Assistant

Saman Mahmood

Construction Manager

Srinivas Vatte

Construction Manager

Victoria Sievers

Construction Accountant

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