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TA Partners

Specializing in Real Estate Development and Investment

Our Story

TA Partners was formed in 2000 through a partnership of a local developer and an international investment manager.

Since then, TA Partners has quickly surged to be a top player in Southern California's real estate market. With our modern architectural taste and attention to detail, TA Partners is always creating new urban improvements to each city it develops in.




Projects in Our Pipeline

Units in Development


Units Under Construction


In Value

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Our Expertise

We are a vertically integrated, real estate development and investment company.  Our team has a wide range of skill sets that allows us to create value from conception to delivery. 

  • Deal Sourcing

  • Structured Capital

  • Syndication

  • Acquisitions

  • Entitlements

  • Architecture

  • Development

  • Construction

  • Property Management
  • Asset Management

Our Philosophy

TA Partners strives to develop new urban improvements to cities with modern architecture and design. We aspire to create the highest quality living and work experience using the latest home and office technologies. 


We are here to help our investors navigate and participate in the real estate market in California, in order to identify exceptional investment opportunities.

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